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Digimon Dragon Hunter.

#13. Gumdramon.

“There he is” said Slayerdramon, observing from a small hill what would be his next hunt.

“You’re sure you want him?” asked a small red dragon crouched at his side, observing the target situated a few meters ahead.

“Why not?” observed the hunter smiling “he seems to be in good conditions.”

“Sure, but…” He scratched his cheek in remark “it’s just that we’re just about 4 meters from him and he hasn’t even noticed us. Just how clueless can he be?”

“Look who’s talking” smirked and laughed Slayerdramon “I caught you 10cm close to your face.”

“Bu-but that’s because I was distracted on something!” excused the digimon, embarrassed.

His yelling was enough to alert the objective of his sorroundings. The little Gumdramon, who was eating nuts under the tree, raised his head in alert, spooked. Observing his surroundings he quickly managed to take a glance of Slayerdramon and Shoutmon above the hill. The instant their eyes met, he immediately paralyzed in place, nutshells still in his hands. The others observed in silence, expecting some sort of aggressive reaction from the little monster. But instead, the digimon remained shivering on the same spot, almost hysterically shaking, hoping the unexpected visitors wouldn’t want anything with him and leave. After two long and tedious minutes transpired, the hunter concluded his own foolishness since the little one obviously wouldn’t do a thing.

He walked out of his hiding spot and Shoutmon followed. They approached slowly so as to avoid showing any sign of aggressiveness. Maybe the little digimon wouldn’t even put up a fight. But just when they were 2 meters ahead did the digimon give a huge leap out of fright and ran into the opposite direction. Slayerdramon and Shoutmon were surprised by his running speed.

“He’s pretty fast!” exclaimed the red dragon, dumbfounded.

“C’mon, he’s getting away!”

And so they began the pursuit.

Far ahead, Gumdramon cried terrified out of becoming the target of the odd pair. He prayed he could outrun his pursuers, resulting in losing them, or having them desist out of tiredness. Yet, he wasn’t aware he had become the prey of such a stubborn hunter as Slayerdramon in fact is. He ran across the prairie, avoiding rocks and fallen wooden trunks on the trail, and managed to reach a clearing in which a dense forest showed up ahead. That place was his best chance of losing his assailants. He began to accelerate.

“Shoutmon!” called the tall digimon to the other as they continued to run.

The aforementioned jumped onto the hunters arms, who mustered his strength and hurled him all the way forward.  The red dragon charged his microphone as he was flying through the air and yelled.

“Soul Crusher!”

A strong soundwave emanated and impacted just a few centimeters of Gumdramon. The explosion generated forced the little one to roll through the ground and hit against a wooden trunk. He stopped moving afterwards.

Slayerdramon and Shoutmon arrived close and approached carefully. They didn’t want to scare the wits out of him and cause another wild chase. And it’s not like the little one was to counterattack; they had already noticed he was not precisely a fighter. The hunter kneeled near the target to state his condition: he was just unconscious and with a few scratches. After a quick examination, he took out his silver plated device out of his belt and sliced it across the air, capturing the little purple dragon. He smiled and examined the upcoming data: didn’t seem promising at all.

“Jeez…” said Shoutmon as he whistled in disappointment of what was shown on the holographic screen.

Gumdramon’s stats were low… to say the least. He didn’t even excel in speed, despite how fast he scurried away in the beginning. It seemed that what fueled his ability to run so fast before had simply been pure fear. The red digimon drove the tip of his microphone on the ground and restated:

“Not that I want to be sarcastic or anything but I’ll ask again: Are you sure this is the Gumdramon you want?”

“What are you talking about? Of course he is” answered SlayerDramon, frowning and returning the device into his belt.

“You know, there’s more than just one out there… “

“This one’s ok for me” said the hunter, smiling once more “I prefer him to be a weakling. That way I can raise and enhance him in the necessary aspects; he’ll grow up quite nicely by my side, you’ll see.”

As always, Slayerdramon was overconfident in his abilities as a breeder. Besides, he was just a rookie. He’d be a lot easier to raise unlike the grown and big sized digimon he already owned.

Inside the XrosLoader, things didn’t work out so well. As soon as the dragon mark was stamped in his tail and materialized in the device’s virtual space, Gumdramon frantically ran in search of a hiding spot. Anywhere was fine, as long as nobody saw him. He tripped over a few forgotten toys, smacked against an enormous Veedramon who was dozing on a tree trunk; he didn’t even stop when a sweet Cutemon crossed his path, with little arms wide open as an attempt to halt him in his tracks. The dragon digimon managed to take refuge under a disastrous junk pile, somewhat apart from where he had fallen which was the zone where the group commonly greeted any new partners. He waited there in silence, eyes closed, until he was sure nobody was on his search. Only then did he manage to regain his breath, and try to organize his thoughts.

But he was soon interrupted and gave a quick gasp as he heard noise coming out of the top of the pile, along with a humming. He stood quietly and held his breath as the weight of the pile became lighter. Suddenly light began to shed his face. He raised his head, seeing a tall figure above, digimon whose color was the same as his, yet he carried some enormous headphones on his ears and was chewing gum. The big one was surprised of seeing the newcomer and stopped chewing. Both observed at each other in silence for a few seconds. Gumdramon was expecting the other to yell or attack, surely because he had hidden under his stuff, even though he just wanted…

“Would u pass me dat cartridge ovah dere?” asked the tall digimon as he pointed towards something under Gumdramon’s hand.

The kiddo observed the object, stretched it and the other took it. Silence followed.

“Would u like me to keep dis covered?” asked, watching on top.

“…yes, please… “

ArresterDramon nodded, kept chewing his gum, and covered once again with the junk dropped during the digging. Gumdramon heard him leaving. Afterwards, peculiar music started to sound, one that the little kiddo would keep listening the rest of his lifetime during his staying at the virtual space...

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Translation made by: :icontheapprenhensivewrit: lots of thanks!

Remember i mentioned a story from this picture?… well here is the story :la: hope you like it and have fun x3
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Pikuna Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nahw, poor Gumdramon, he is so cute here. xD
Arresterdramon reaction to Gumdramon was very good, everything else would have scared him more.
Really love those chapters were you talk about how Slayerdramon capture his Digimon. x3
LadyBeelze Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, he's such a coward xD 
thank you piku ^^ glad you like it C:
Omnimon1996 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Wow nice :D
LadyBeelze Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you ^^
Omnimon1996 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
You're welcome xD
manuel-x Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
You're right Arresterdragmon, Gumdramon is the cutest! ;3
Mister--Jake Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Reading now :D
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